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This section was updated - 16 April 2012

Reversion Disease

Reversion is a viral disease spread by the gall mite. This virus and the mite are not known to occur in North America. It is a very serious disease of Ribes in Europe. Importation of all Ribes species from Europe is strictly forbidden to prevent introduction of this disease.

Gooseberry Vein Banding Virus

The Gooseberry Vein Banding Virus causes pale-yellow streaks along leaf veins of currants and gooseberries. It is spread by grafting, cuttings and aphids. Symptoms usually become visible when the first leaves expand in spring.

Tomato Ringspot Virus

The Tomato Ringspot Virus causes variable yellow leaf spotting or streaking along veins. Yellow spots may turn brown. Symptoms may appear on only a few leaves, or the entire plant may turn yellow. It is spread by grafting, cuttings and Xiphinema (sting) nematodes. (Note: Yellowing may also be caused by lime sulphur - see “Powdery Mildew”).


Start with certified, virus-free plants whenever possible.

Test soils for nematodes and fumigate soil before planting.

Control aphids which can spread viruses.

Remove and burn any infected plants when observed.

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